Flexibility and professionalism have made Moroccan Desert Expeditions the highest rated agency in Morocco. Our passion for travel and our years of experience in the tourism sector help us to be among the leaders of tourism industries in Morocco, offering our travelers the opportunity to discover Morocco at reasonable prices. Our experts are always ready to help you enjoy your visits and your stays in Morocco. From the sea to the mountains and the desert, we share our passion and our experience and make you spend unforgettable moments and bring with you unforgettable memories.

Small groups in our vans exploring Morocco beyond our borders, we have come a long way. The small groups stayed, but the variety of visits and experiences exceeded our best hopes and expectations. And so came more bands, more tours, more excitement, bigger challenges! Driven by our dedication and hard work,

We have transformed our:

Services into unique travel experiences and managed to capture the largest market share of the incoming tourism industry in Morocco for both individual travelers and groups. As in the good old days, we always feel extremely privileged, even honored, to be able to share such a beautiful part of the Earth, Morocco and its surroundings, with the rest of the world.

Our trips, tours and activities in Morocco are tailor-made to the smallest detail according to your tastes and interests. Quite simply, we listen to what you want and carefully design a tailor-made trip, tailored to your budget and with an absolute commitment to quality. We have experts of Moroccan origin for each of our destinations, an expertise acquired after having traveled or lived many times in order to provide you with all the details on what you will visit and what you will see.


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